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In this Site Guide I give indications of the contents and themes of the chapters in order that the reader has a kind of idea what is on offer or find quickly what s/he is looking for. For more in depth information on the site, please go to: Introduction.

Latest additions to this guide:
Stone Age Maul, Orkney. Found a stone age maul in my Orkney garden wall and how it probably came in
Stonehenge a giant graveyard? Bullocks. Criticism of Parker Pearson and archaeology in general.
The dolphin and the torus. The versatility of the torus geometry
Maeshowe as science-friction. Further evidence on mathematics of Maeshowe design
A Buddhist Cosmology? Criticism of Bigbang, and in depth analysis of matter, mind, ontology, buddhism etc.
Gravity= the cooling of the cosmos. New theory of gravity. related to old discarded ones, in depth on ontology
The Shaman and the standing stone. Shamanism in the Stone Age, but not a religion.
The measure of Maeshowe. Showing umistakeable equilateral triangles in design and persistently returning distances between corners.
Maeshowe triangles. Scan of Maeshowe confirming deistances.
Metrology 1 & 2. Introduction of Megalithic Foot, equal to Roman Foot (29.6cm), and its ratio to the other units

Be aware that the opening page is a scroll-down page with several earlier posts which are mostly not on the list of contents because they are new and not yet put in a specific order.

Site News is about the latest additions and changes of articles, with explanations you don’t find elsewhere, it functions a bit as a running commentary on the site and is in a sense the best introduction to what is most interesting on the site and what I am busy with at the moment.
In general the latest added pages will be following the BLOG, this is not necessarily the front page article.
Chapter Headings:
‘The Neolithic Ice Age’ the impact of climate change as agent for building chambers
‘Rainbow Proportion’ all articles relating to the mathematical model, including the Pyramid Proportions.
‘Why primes’? all articles on primes and repunits
‘Creation of Time’ are reflections on Time
‘Cosmology’ we enter the cutting edge of scientific theorizing.

In general the articles that form headings function best as introductions to my different approaches and topics.

BLOG : Blog (not as frequent as intended)
Site News : About latest additions and changes, best introduction to what is on
Introduction : General introduction to the scope of the site.
Callanish : Measuring an enigma, a star of stones.
Repunits : Original text about primes I sent to Nature in 2004
Why primes ? : Reason why prime numbers matter to this site
Great Minds : Quotes from historical scientists and my comments
Delivery Rooms : Arguments and pictures to sustain the idea of some megalithic chambers as delivery rooms
Proof : Considerations about proof and mathematical proof in archaeology
The Rainbow Proportion : Stone Age mathematical model which underlies the architectural designs
Rationalizing Irrational : further analysis of the mathematics especially the (ir-)rational numbers
Maths & Circles : introduction and explanation maths and question of scientific proof
Maths Logic Pictograms : Geometrical pictograms which show the steps in the proof of the model
Brodgar 66 : ratios of the concentric rings of Brodgar, expected number of stones in circle 66
Bone measures : origin of different units of measurement employed by stone age man
Numbers explained : explanation of the numbers and ratios involved in the major sites, including the section: Brodgar and the Pyramids
The Numbers : measurement numbers of 5 major megalithic sites of British Isles+ connections
The Pyramid proportions : math model applied to Great & Third Pyramid, summary of model results
The Creation of Time : philosophical outlook; first exploration of the concept of time
On Maes Howe : first exploration of the architecture and function of the chamber
Cosmology : critique on Big Bang cosmology, first outlines of a new cosmology
Neolithic Ice Age : graphs Greenland ice core compared to recent Little Ice Age in Europe
Blog Ness Brodgar 2010 : process of discovering the mathematical design of Structure-1
Why primes? : reasons for importance of primes for this website, see also related articles
Theory of Resonance : six year old version of the theory of resonance which underlies this cosmology
Brodgar Documents : first analysis of Brodgar ratios, reasons for different numbers of stones
Alignments : natural alignments with alignments of chambers
Resilient rock : speculations on function of henges, circles and chambers
Cattle alignments : scientific proof that cattle do align.
Videos : videos which relate to topics or will be inserted in articles later
Quoyness chamber video: the quickest introduction to my view and the philosophy of the whole site
About me : about me and the site
Copyright : whole site is a work of art, the mathematics are product of imagination

Solstice : video operating from beginning december within MaesHowe chamber
Orkneyjar : your best guide to everything about Orkney, especially the Stone Age.


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