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Update 24/03/2017

Since a long time I haven’t published anything and now some unpublished pieces are presented. One on the Third Pyramid and my claim that it is the mathematical prototype of the Great Pyramid with circumstantial and mathematical proof, the other is on Orkney s Banks chamber where a treasure of carbon data and stratification is under great threat of going lost if no action is taken by worried outsiders. From Orkney no action is to be expected. This publication is 5 years overdue, but action is never to late. I hope to publish more soon.



Update 10/11/2014

It’s been a very long time since I published something which held out. Last year the first version of ‘The lost Theorem and the Mind’ disappeared with the whole website at Christmas, this year I published a twice as long piece ( a bit long maybe but packed with surprises), now renamed ‘Maeshowe, mathematics and the mind’ . It contains the ‘state of my philosophy’ at the moment which evolves with the discoveries I do. It is a constant struggle to make clear what I understand of it myself, but, as such, it is a bit too big for me. I miss the insight that penetrates the workings of this number logic because that is what it is, I think. I think it is fundamental and I try to explain why and show my analysis of the solar system which is based on this mathematics and analysis, Solar system resonances’ (pending now)
My last update was one and a half year ago, that is long, I have not been very productive but many things still wait to be worked out for this website, as the long promised rings of Saturn calculations and maybe ever my economic cycles based on the solar system cycles. I have some striking results to report in that respect.

I have updated and revised several Pages as there are Metrology 1 (Megalithic Foot),  2 (Giza and Orkney), 3 (The Crucial Question)


Update 5/04/2013

I found out that several pages which I thought were published appeared to be pending for review. Most important ones are Gravity=the cooling of the cosmos and State of the Site about the formula for a cube (in a sphere) in a cube relating as 343:66= 1: 0.1924.. which evolved from Maeshowe’s cube., it seems to be the end of the theorem. Then there is A propos…. on what I intend to do , Ring and cupmarks. This is old stuff. Recent is Dolphin and the torus, Maeshowe as science friction and Stonehenge a graveyard? Bullocks,( Parker Pearson strikes again), these are posts. Hope to publish soon Stonehenge and Stones of Stenness

Update 18/10/12

I am very negligent of this chapter of the site, which is not very helpful to the reader who wants to know what is going on on the site recently. Not much; that is, I have revised all pieces on Cosmology and have 2 pieces: Gravity and Intro Cosmo under more drastic revision since my theory has moved on and the Higgs-boson has appeared on the scene, which actually made me aware of how close my model is to the latest developments in the theory of Physics, which is basically Ontology, about what actually IS (ontos=being). After all, science claims that their Standard Model comprises all the elements everything is made of and has its being in.
With all the fuss about Higgs you’d nearly forget that they may have found something, but that does not imply it is what they are looking for. Higgs himself was rather careful, talked of ‘young people’ ‘hard (fast) work’ and ‘enthousiasm’. The last word about what this so-called Higgs-boson now actually is, is not spoken. I am working on something about that.

I published since November 2011:

Metrology 1 & 2 (1/11/11), (Maeshowe & Megalithic Foot)
The measure of Maeshowe (17/11/11) (Pythagoras and equilateral)
Triangles Maeshowe (17/9/12) (more illustrations on MH-triangles)
The Shaman & the Standing Stone (23/4/12) (Shaman and mathematics)
Apropos: Stone holes, dressers and eagle-catchers (6/10/12) (what to expect)

Post: The Dolphin and the Torus (11/10/12) (Torus dynamics)

I have updated ‘the Numbers Explained’ in preparation for publication on Stones of Stenness. See also at the very end of this page notes on Stenness of a year ago.

To make a brief summary of the latest additions since September, after about a half year of inactivity on the site, the following sequence of new pieces was published, after I had republished ‘Maths at the Ness 2010’ in August, being: ‘State of the Site’; ‘Royal and Nippur Cubit’, then ‘Metrology 1+2 and (enlarged) revisions of ‘Solar system resonance’ and ‘Skara Brae and Science’ eventually, on 11/11/11 , I published a (‘ground-breaking’) cosmological perspective in ‘Gravity = the Cooling of the Cosmos’ and now recently new evidence of astounding megalithic architectural accuracy in ‘The Measure of Maeshowe’, which can be seen as an appendix to Metrology 1 and earlier pieces on Maeshowe.

Long overdue I have ordered the data chaos of the most scientific piece on this site concerning the solar system. I apologize for the mess it was in but that is because WordPress can’t handle ‘foreign’ pieces and scrambles them (and I did not look at its published state). Anyway, now it is much better readable and you can really ‘see’ the resonance of the solar system in the ratios. So if you were put off by the mess in the data, please see it again because it is the most amazing result in scientific terms of this website so far and the proof everything here is based on and vindicated by. I hope to make a more comprehensive piece with the published Dutch parts included soon. So see ‘Solar System Resonance’, the ratios.
Another new piece concerns the cube of Maeshowe and very subtle confirmation of the measurements of radii and diagonals in The Measure of Maeshowe, completing Metrology 1.


I have reworked ‘State of the site’ where the reasoning rest/motion went wrong, I will return to that important issue again and again. I published and also improved the latest additions in Chapters ‘Royal and Nippur Cubit’ and ‘Metrology 1’ , (with photos) and I have published ‘Metrology 2 Width is the key’. You can expect a major piece: Gravity: the Cooling of the Cosmos, on 11/11/11 to celebrate that special date.


It has been several months since I last added posts and pages to this website, but a steady stream of visitors keeps coming to my site, twice as much as last year. Besides UK, most come from the States, Russia, Australia and India, but also nearly every country of the world, so Orkney is put on the map in corners where they have probably never heard of it. Good for Orkney. Good for archaeology.

I have been working for nearly 6 months on the problem of ‘Inertia’ on which I have written quite a bit but nothing yet ready for publication.
Then I had technical problems with the site, which may have been caused by hackers attacking WordPress in America with possible repercussions for this website which is based on WordPress. Regular readers will have seen a change to overcome this problem in the first instance, but those who help me with the site have not found the cause of the problems, nevertheless the site has again its familiar opening.

This unsolved (American?) problem, together with the fact that America since this month claims jurisdiction and the right to close any .com and .net domains (websites) for so-called ‘copy-right reasons’, may force me to take some drastic action about which I will inform you in due course.
This American move on ‘jurisdiction’ of course affects anyone with these type of websites, already hundreds of websites outside the US have been shut down by US government, so be aware, you can even be extradited for breaking American laws on your website you’ve never heard about.(see Google: ‘American jurisdiction over all .com and .net domains’, several articles)

At the moment the archaeological excavation at the Ness of Brodgar is underway and started last week, which you can follow daily on the link of Orkneyjar to be found at the bottom of the contents list.
If you are interested in my approach to Orkney’s archaeology, which is rather different from the professionals, you can find my pieces under several headings on this site, particularly Maths at the Ness of Brodgar and Skara Brae and Science.
I have put Archaeology a bit together and higher on the list now, because I will focus on that a bit more these coming weeks in which I hope to produce something on St Kilda in relation to Orkney, as promised last year, and possibly a piece on standing stones in walls.
Anyhow archaeology remains the largest subject of the site for the time being although I am putting in general more emphasis on theoretical physics since the beginning of this year. Then I also hope to publish my reflections on Inertia and more importantly a piece on Gravity and why it is a wrong concept.

Things though are not going very easy at the moment because these are difficult topics and other matters distract me, so I hope I can fulfill these promises in the coming time.
I have a lot more to say on these matters.


Just recently I put several pieces on Cosmology on the front page, which is a chronological scroll-down page with the latest posts at the top. The sequence starts with ‘No matter at all’ (22/1/11), arguments on why matter does not exist, ‘Labyrinth of Language’(10/2/11), critique of concepts, then ‘Solar system resonance’ ( 23/2/11) This is the first truly scientific application of my mathematical resonance model to undisputed scientific data. Part of the article is a 7 year old proof of systemic resonance for the whole solar system, this is preceded by a refutation of the concepts of ‘Relativity’. Our model shows the prevailing concept of gravity is wrong and everything is based on resonating standing wave-fields and the geometries they create.

A Dutch Section (introduced in English) has been openend, on the low end of the list following Copyright where I give several more obvious resonances throughout the solar system, I have no time to translate these old pieces, these going back to 2001, but the arrangement of data may speak for itself and has been updated. I hope to do something on the orbits of the planets and why Pluto and other Kuiper Belt moons are no planets.

I have also published there the geometry of square root-2 (‘Geometrie van wortel-2’), which I linked to Ramanujan.
I will possibly drop more related work in the Dutch box; on how to deal with that you can read in the introduction of the Dutch Section.

I had hoped to produce a lot more, but I got so absorbed in some new exciting aspects of the model that I hardly produce anything readable. Also the transition from science 5000 years ago to cutting edge theoretical physics today requires some adaptation and refreshing, but you won’t be disappointed when you have been waiting, because it is very interesting and far reaching.

I hope to publish some philosophical reflections first.

I have been made aware of the fact that the site is difficult to get to grips with, so I plan to write a better introduction and arrange things again better, may be in several phases.
The emphasis will anyhow shift to more philosophical texts now, because the basic scientific data are in place and will function as reference points for the philosophical analysis and cosmological reflections.
So in most cases from now on much less general or professional knowledge is required and much more the arguments will be a question of your own appreciation and judgement. I am committed to making it as easy as I can, but I must have my blind spots, supposing others know things they just don’t for whatever reason.

Just now I have published regarding ‘Cupmarks’ on megaliths and curb stones, to show they have a natural origin and are not decorations, in a further debunking of archaeological paradigms.

Below I give a list of the articles published since August 2010, because I have been and will be reshuffling the site, so it may have become a bit confusing. They are more or less in chronological order.

Posts : Maths at the Ness of Brodgar
Pages : Proof
Blog Ness of Brodgar 2010
From disbelief to wonderment
Preliminaries to the primes
Why primes
Explaining primes
Origin of the primes
A Theory of Resonance

This must be about it.

Because my BLOG page is blocked I cannot enter it. I have now also published, related to Ramanujan, the ‘Unique Period Primes’, top of list under BLOG, which support other work on the primes and are further proof of the repunits as ‘store house’ of all primes.

I sometimes come across (minor) mistakes, but so far in general the argument is sound, I think.
Please realize that I am not a mathematician, that I use this model in essence to argue for a philosophical ontology, an ultimate ground of reality, and to argue against the Big Bang cosmology.

I can only hope that ‘real’ mathematicians eventually will see the compelling beauty of this model and will understand the value of it to develop it further. I can only give the foundations, the first principles, on logical grounds. I will continue publishing what I have found out over the years to show the full scope of the approach.

I think that just like in super string theory the beauty of these mathematics suggests that this model amounts to something fundamental, even, that by analysing these qualities of the early primes and natural numbers in general, we will be able to design the geometrics of reality, the transformations of space.

I published my 7 year old ‘Theory of Resonance’ in a 6-year old second version, Part 1, with a new Prelude. Part 1 deals again with primes and repunits, how they ‘originate’ in the three ‘extra-primes’ ( 2, 3, 5), but here also the significance as model for standing waves comes to the fore and some ontology is touched on. Part 1 comes with the old Preface and Introduction both dealing with the scope of the whole theory, the cosmology.
It is rather technical but you can skip the calculations and read the comments, it is the first introduction to the standing-wave theory of matter and central to the calculations on Saturn.

I am working on several fronts at the same time now, so it takes some time. I suddenly got gripped by research finds on Skara Brae, went there, made a video, then there followed pictures of St Kilda and its now dissolved ancient population going back to the Stone Age.

 St Kilda

Because of the growing number of visits from India to my site, I was reminded of Ramanujan and the Ramanujan-type of formula for square root 2 which I found, also years ago, using the numbers of my number-logic, so I hope to get something on paper on that, and on him, soon.
I am glad with the growing interest from India. Who ever you are, you are good mathematicians and may easier appreciate my number-logic, which is more intuitive and Ramanujan-like than ‘Western’. Namasthe!

At the BLOG I have put in a page which threatened to go unnoticed whereas it is a crucial statement on primes and on the ‘raison d’etre’ of this website: Explaining primes. I claim this is the most basic logical proof of order in the primes.


It is 10/10/10, one of those rare number combinations in calendars, last month had 8/9/10, we will get 11/11/11 next year and 12/12/12 the following, but then it is over… for a century, if they still have our calendar then.

I have considerably toned down my criticism of science in these pages, because it might impair my relations with scientists, who, in fact, I set out to reach with my work in the first place. My work is not easy and it presupposes some general knowledge, which I might most likely find with scientists. Besides that I am occupied with the theoretical and philosophical part of science, however idiosyncratic my approaches may be.

I have reinstated a page of nearly two years ago ‘From disbelief to wonderment’ because I want to emphasize the wider scope of this website, which has become too much of an exercise in cutting-edge archaeology to be interesting for a wider public and the primes also don’t help.

I have also done a serious reshuffle of the list of pages to express my changing emphasis, see for yourself.

‘Why primes ?’ has been published on the BLOG , where I intend to do more on the primes and repunits, but besides that I intend to do several things on archaeology soon, among which Stenness , Stonehenge and, first, Stanton Drew / Merry Maidens.

New Stenness measurements

I have some solid laser data from Stenness now which show there are 3 stones in a half circle precise at 15.84 m radius and a fourth at 15.79 m, very close to it. The strength of these data is that there are at least 4 stones circle-aligned from one centre point within the hearth (SW-corner) of which two are opposite stones, so it is a full half circle, with 7 stones. The 15.84m, on the stone face, is very close to the 15.92 or 43 Fibula of .37025m, that is, diameter 86 Fibula = 31.84m, the supposed radius of the outside lintel circumference at Stonehenge. A fifth stone stands at 16.00 m from this centre-point on the same western side of the circle, another at 16.11m and only one is anomalous in this sequence at 15.60, but this measure is without existing stone, so the full difference with the perfect circle in this half circle, the full west side, with 7 stones, is that their is a margin of 27 cm either side. This margin decreases though considerably when we disregard the anomalous stone and suppose the radius of this half of the circle was in deed 15.92 m, the 43 fibula, because than the error margin gets averaged to between 13 and 19 cm that is a margin of 2 decimetre either side on a circle of giant stones of 4 to 6 decimetre thickness. You can say that is well-done considering the means.

Analysis of the data of the absent ‘eastern side’ may reveal something, and there is a good chance the ‘anomalous’ eastern placements are acoustical -Stenness has an echo-, or that possibly two half circles, with different diameters, merge to create the acoustical and possibly transformational effect.

At least I have got the data now and the suggestion that one of the missing stones, the twelfth, was placed just outside the area where it was supposed to be in the excavation. So some new digging might be worthwhile.
I will do some dowsing there. ( I am a stone-dowser, not a water-dowser, as far as I know)


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