Chambers on alignments

Strong support for the present theory of alignments along beneficial energy lines is found in the fact that nearly all chambers were placed perpendicularly, and only once parallel, on the supposedly major energy lines. We will name the most important chambers and their alignments.

Maes Howe is aligned with the top of Ward Hill on Hoy to the SW and to the NE the line passes close by St Magnus Cathedral, Egilsay, then over a chambered cairn on Faray and the islet Red Holm off the coast there.

Perpendicularly the line has a waterfall to the SE, and an impressive geo to the NW, named Point of Howana Geo, a faultline.

There are six tumuli in Birsay on this alignment, at least.

Quanterness is placed perpendicular to the alignment with Yesnaby and Ring of Bookan, Ling Holm, Holm of Grimbister to the west and to the east over Head of Holland and Orwick.

Lengthwise the chamber is aligned with the very central point at Faraclett Head Twin chambers where many other alignments pass through.

All the other chambers on Faraclett Head can be shown to be perpendicular to the major alignment on Bookan and Kame of Hoy.

With the twin chambers on Faraclett Head as starting reference point, Midhowe chamber lies perpendicular to the alignment which includes Kierfa Hill (cairn), Midhowe (and its huge spring nearby) and eventually in the west Marwick Head, even the small islet off the Head.

Rowiegar is perpendicular to its alignment with Yesnaby, hill top Eynhallow, Knowe of Craie, Bigland Long, the Clett

Knowe of Ramsay is convincingly perpendicular to the important main axis from Faraclett twins to the Kame of Hoy.

The anomaly is the huge chamber of Holm of Papa Westray South, placed along the axis which orientates on Ward Hill on Hoy, like Maes Howe, but most probably earlier( not visible from the Holm?).

This could be a sign that to benefit most of the alignment the side cells should not be too far away from the central axis of alignment, so that it could suggest that an alignment of resilient rock loses its energy or healing power with increasing distance to its major source, the Hills of Hoy.

Quoyness is longitudinally aligned with Ward Hill on South Ronaldsay and perpendicularly to the Lumhead chambered cairn on Westray, which has other alignments over the Links of Noltland, and several hill ranges.

Vinquoy is another one of those points where a lot of alignments pass through, but it’s hard to say which alignment prevails, the North-South is anyway in the passage and connects to two chambers due south. It is aligned with Quoyness nearly due east, over Pool Bay settlement.

Wideford is North-South, but its entrance passage is oriented on the natural arch Hole o’Row at Skara Brae.

Cuween seems perpendicular to the Kame of Hoy, with entrance passage due east. The length of the chamber may align with chambers on Rousay

All this seems to show that alignments were much less orientated on the moon or sun, which though also happened, than on catching as much energy as possible from the earth energy field alignment and its supposed healing power.

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