Number logic in geometric pictograms

The following are Impress files (like Powerpoint, but the rendition is not always flawless) with pictograms of the mathematical proof of the ’10 to 9′ and ’11 to 7′ geometries and their incorporation in the designs of the Giza pyramids.

You have to click to go to the next image. I hope this will show, in a wordless way, all the steps that lead to the mathematical proof and even if you don’t understand then still the pictograms are worth viewing, I think.
Note that the format sometimes does not allow showing the actual ratios, or inscribing of squares is not properly possible, but I hope you enjoy the beauty and transparancy of the geometries.

Please note that it is all about ratios, not about specific lengths, these are only used as vehicles to get back to the ratios, often lengths are halved or doubled, so if you see a number you can’t place, half or double it and then do the same with all the others, again it is all about ratios. not specific lengths

The point of it all is to show the unity of the mathematical model and how it expresses all dimensions (lenghts) in whole numbers; of course these are all approximations, but always in the thousandths (0.00x)  differences and always made of the same basic primes.
Crucial is the complementarity of the two ratios 10:9 and 11:7 in 1-D, 2-D and 3-D, possibly 4-D. This is the actual proof that the model is a genuine mathematical theorem.

Just click on the screen and the next pictogram will appear

a 10-over-9-web-edit-7

b 11-over-7-web-edit-6

c 11-0-over-99-aa-pyramid-web-edit-7

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