Geometry of Resonance in Natural Numbers


The natural number logic in geometry I present is an aesthetic and vivid picture of the inter-relationships of early prime numbers at the roots of reality. What counts in this geometry is not the shortest distance as a measure, but the natural number that is at hand. The convincing proof of this rule is that our new natural number system never differs more than a few thousandth’s from the conventional values you calculate.

Because the principle of resonance is based on natural number ratios and relationships it is evident that this natural number interrelation at the basics of geometry must play a role in the wider geometry of space, which defines the parameters of the phenomenal world. We must find our way from the quantum dimension to the cosmic dimension in one-go to unite our yet inconsistent scientific pictures of reality. What better light to guide us than our knowledge of ‘numbers’.

I have been and still am rather excited by a combination of numbers I found that makes the irrationality of sqrt2 ‘almost disappear’ and provides several interesting standard key numbers.
The number 19601 is 9801 + 9800 and these are the squares of 99 and 70 (3^2×11 and 7x2x5), these ‘early’ prime settings underpin the geometry of space. It is shown in this model that by revealing the wave-function of specific basic number ratios, 11:7 and 10:9, a whole set of ratios comes to the fore that are moulding the resonances.

The solar system reveals many striking resonance relationships, especially in (moon-) orbitals and, even more enigmatic, as I have found, in mathematical progressions in the masses of the planets, whereby these can grow and decline.
From quantum jump to planetary gravity in one comprehensive logical and mathematical picture, that is what we are looking for; for a century now.

19601 x sqrt(2) = 27720.0000360…
Here is the strongest proof of how close we can get to the conventional with our unconventional number-logic. Now see this number 27720, as twice 13860, which is a conspicuous product of early primes, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, but it is also de denominator to our rational approximation of sqrt.2. (19601/13860)
So the sum of 2 (3) different pivotal squares (99^2+2×70^2 =9801+9800)= 19601, results in a number that is a real cleavage in scales of precision. It shows that our 19601/13860 is a powerful rational approx of V2, it is 1.414213564 213564 21….., and thus correct to eight digits. (213564 = 2 x 2 x 3 x 13 x 37^2). These slight differences are considered immaterial in the real world, it is what fits a resonance, not some number without solid reference, it is permanent fine-tuning of similar vibrations at this level. Nature’s sensitivity starts here, with the resonances, the perceived signals of the environment, the interaction, the interconnection, reality as a whole.

The natural number geometry that I have found is not only mathematical but would also have physical implications as shown in data-adaptations. Such adaptation can occur in the standing waves of Saturn’s rings as well as in a striking approximations of the universal constants. This goes to the heart of the really big unknowns of physics, the ‘framework of universal constants’. Maybe my work opens a door in the massive resistance this model will evoke. When the connection I propose between this basic geometry and real world processes can be established by data, from quantum to cosmos, then a valuable tool is created to analyse and influence, maybe even re-balance, natural processes. This would mean a revolution.

In a very striking way here ‘squaring the circle by compass and ruler’ is actually realized in two dimensions, by circumference (first) and by surface-area (second). Squaring the circle by area is the notorious ‘impossible’ one, but squaring to an equal perimeter is mathematically more interesting, because revealing intricacy in 3-D.
The discovery that the length of a circle over the side of its inscribed square is practically 10:9 (from: 9.00316…) has changed my life. For 25 years I have pursued the consequences of the above assumption, in direct connection with the ratio of 11:7 for a half circle spanning its diameter. This is the absolute core and inner incompatibility of this definitely complementary system. The mathematical friction in the geometry might be what powers the system; it could never come to rest.
This is my metaphysics.

This whole presentation is very pictorial which places it square in our idea of what geometry should be like, but actually what I propose here is: as a parallel ‘universe’. This upends all we learned about the rigourousness of math. Here beauty rules supreme and ‘exactness’ is sacrificed for the ‘integrity’ of the natural numbers themselves and their relations.

It is the total consistency and complementarity which are the most impressive characteristics of this model and then the ease of practical implantation as is shown in the international standards on A4 paper (3×99=297; 3×70=210mm, 594/420=sqrt.2), size based on a square root2 ratio as cutting parameter. (A0=1189×841; 1189/99=12, 99 is pivotal number).

This universal standard is precisely the materialization of the theoretical prescriptions from the number logic I describe here.

So the core logic of these specific numbers and combinations is known since mathematician and aforist Lichtenberg suggested it, but the mathematical and geometrical implications were never pursued maybe, because what i present here would then be common knowledge, like 22/7 was to engineers and architects before the calculator came into use.

It is of some importance to realize before we set out to explore these ultimate regions of reality that both ‘quantum’ and ‘cosmic’ are states of our being, we create concepts to express our control of inner and outer worlds.

How can we compare a solid human brain, dead or alive, with a star. The star which comes with the majesticity of the whole universe is absolutely ‘ infantile’ compared to the complexity of the human brain. So what are we whimpering at our insignificance compared to a star? Because it is big?. Or old? What is old when nothing is alive? What is big when beyond imagination. We win on quality.

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