Solar system resonances ; a meta-analysis


The following meta-analysis of Solar system data is hopefully the most eloquent ‘physical’ argument for the peculiar mathematics I use by revealing and sustaining the underlying geometry and resonances of the System as a whole. Resonance with all its deep fascets has one that rules in physics which is that resonance is a whole/ natural number phenomenon and can be destructive. (viruses, bacteria)
What else can I expect than scepsis at an undertaking like this where not only the basics of our present understanding of gravity are challenged but even an ‘outlandish’ mathematical model is used to reveal the hidden orders of space in some natural numbers.
I may be accused of old-fashioned Pythagoreanism, but it will be a badge of honour to me, because I have come to believe in a similar way to Pythagoras’ in terms of the essential nature of natural number in the manifestation of reality, but on my own guidance. Where in Pythagorean philosophy ratios of natural numbers were crucial, they do foreshadow the concept of resonance in the gravitational field as we see it today in the orbits of moons which may stretch in the billions of years to come into stable resonance and can be predicted. Such time scales are intrinsic in the weakness of the field geometry in relation to the gigantic masses involved which carry an enormous inertial field with them that affects space geometry and shows that our concept of time (and space) is wrong.
There are infinite local time-frames all depending on local conditions. This local transformation rate is what we call ‘passing of time’. We can only develop a time frame with two steady cycles. Our caesium clocks measure the caesium rhythm against our present clock which is based on the daily cycle, the second cycle, the reference]]

This number-dogma may seem a very bleak judgement of abundant reality, but it is good to emphasize that it was the numerical harmony in music theory which was the inspiration to Pythagoras’ cosmological stance and resulted famously in the ‘harmony/music of the spheres’, which by all means is a spiritual approach of a mystic physicist to the harmonies of the planets  which he thought  were vibrating and making sounds. (Saturns rings make sounds!, what a genius!).
Here I emphasize the vibrating base of reality, which we associate with waves and then frequencies. Everything ‘substantial’ has an ‘eigen-frequency’ and some may have many at the same time. It is because of resonance as dynamic and ordering principle, that everything functions smoothly, because resonance is flexible down to the smallest levels.
We find the same basic role for sound in the Vedic OM and its source the Nada Brahma, the cosmic vibration. There is evidence that Pythagoras theorem was known in Vedic mathematics centuries before Pythagoras as it was in Egypt.

Resonance can be destructive and this quality is used to destroy viruses that vibrate at very high frequencies, I quote from KenKyu, by matching its eigen-frequency  the virus will resonate to destruction of its ‘armor’:
“At the resonance frequency, the system provides sufficient wave energy which causes the ‘capsid’ (armor) to undergo ‘alternating compression and rarefaction’. The induced mechanical stress can cause to shatter the virus shell”.
(I’m glad to find in this context the ‘compression/rarefaction’ complementarity in relation to resonance, because it is crucial in the geometry of wider space).

Although this mathematical work has become the pivot of my later life I must resist the temptation here to relate too often how extraordinary it is that I would start mathematics at all, when I was already 50 years old. Being 50 is pretty old in mathematics already (those studying primes get oldest, primes are natural numbers), but to start with math then, must be a sure sign it is no genuine mathematical genius you are dealing with here. Remember that. This math is easy up to a certain point, but it became so confusing with similar ratios occurring in many different settings, I could not manage it. I hope someone else will find the courage and devotion to complete this system in all its natural richess.
Once you accept its simple logic and maxime, the  integrity of natural numbers, it could be a revelation of a parallel mathematics of natural numbers related through resonance.

For lack of the brains for real modern day math and for a lot more, I created my own mathematics where everything breathes Pythagorean harmony and integrity, no ‘irrationality’ whatsoever, where it is all as I had wanted it to be like when a schoolkid, ‘all numbers fitting nicely’, so this work is a ‘schoolboy’s mathematics come true’ where all numbers fit and remain whole; what more do you want for the deepest reality. It started with a frantic search for the order of the primes, but only really got off when the geometry came to the fore in the 9:10 ratio. It was only years later I realized its suitability and implication for Resonance and Nature in general.

So far nobody has told me or commented ‘this or that’ on this model, probably because nobody really got into it; fair enough. So I have been the ‘boss’ and have set the rules so far.
But to say that I set the rules is not a true description of how this mathematical framework came about, it sets its own rules and shows them when you know how to find them, that is, when you get the ‘logic’ and in a sense the logic of the primes involved. (Differences of thousandths so is one rule, are interchangeable throughout different number systems.
Once you accept primacy for natural numbers and for double or more digit reciprocal periods, (0.9V2 = 1,2727 92.. ->  ~~ 14/11 = 1.2727 27..), you will find that the numbers themselves always lead the way. (0.9V2)^2= 1.62    (14/11)^2 =  1.6198…    diff. = 0,000165      diff. -1.618 =  0.0018, these ratios are treated as equal.
In practical use these differences are trivial

It is for this reason that I am convinced others have gone before me on this ‘parallel’ road and I am satisfied that I have sufficiently shown in my analysis of the Giza data that the pyramids were built as ‘eternal’ guardians of the mathematical and cosmological knowledge that is embodied by the harmony of their construction and placing’. The highest knowledge of Heaven, was stored in the temple of Heaven.
As the old Vedic wisdom goes: When the temple is built in harmony, Heaven will be in harmony.

I have spent considerable time proving the same mathematical principles were known in megalithic Europe, around the same time, with Orkney’s Maeshowe (first square and cube in Europe) and Brodgar as outstanding proofs in measurement ratios, but also Stonehenge , even Avebury show the same logic in numbers and ratios.

It is immaterial to the validity of the theorem itself whether it was known before or not; the ‘basic principles’ I  did find ‘all by myself’, but then, exploring striking Giza data and creating specific Orkney data myself with laser (Maeshowe and others) to find the same mathematical order, have been rewards of a lifetime. So far the model has been inexhaustible for me and a continuing inspiration, but a computer may lay it down in a millisecond, or its software cannot deal with it!)

Here we will delve into the modern data of the Solar system with the aim of revealing that gravity is an aspect of the electromagnetic field resonance, which in its turn is an excitation of the Ur-deepfield (space), the substance of reality, the root of inertia. This way we connect the quantum level with the cosmic level in one coherent model.
‘Matter is a state of space’, as Einstein put it and ‘Matter does not exist’. Here we will explore what that could mean. The excited electromagnetic field has inertia, that is the missing dark matter science is looking for. By seeing space as void scientists miss crucial insight in space as medium. This wrong concept makes scientists overlook one of the biggest drivers of ice-melt is the micro-wave tsunami that rages all over the globe and penetrates deep into the glaciers. They will become like fondant and cave in. If the micro-wave explosion is not ended the acceleration will snowball.

Solar system resonances

The following is a table of adaptation and transformation of official scientific data of the Solar system into the ‘software’ data suitable for my mathematical model of natural numbers and resonances. (The original went to John&John at QI Ltd, Oxford, in 2005) The adaptations do not exceed 5% from standard values, mostly much less and at times spot on. The flexibility of the data within the mathematical ground-order is justified by the fact that the system is subject to major and minor disturbances, it is this way that the underlying longterm geometry reveals itself and predictions are possible.

The aim of this meta-analysis of long received data is to bring to light a pattern of mathematical ratios governing many aspects of the dynamics of the solar system, especially highlighting the fundamental role of the number 9 in the dynamics of the transformations in the Ur-deepfield of space, as I call it. 9 is the number that rules the reciprocals of primes. (   1/7=0.142857 142857 …   7 x 142857 = 999 999    Repunit R6 = 111 111  factors :  3, 7, 11, 13, 37)

We will highlight here several clear instances of 9-fold resonances coming forward from the ‘meta-analysis’ of the data.

I think the simple transformation of the available data that many have learned at school, could produce some AHA-moments at the hidden regularities and ratios that no one ever told you anything about, where they were just around the corner.

How I found it was by the use of a trick, but a trick, maybe, only one could find who is obsessed with whole numbers and with 9 especially. It was  the 0.055 of Mercury’s mass that caught my eye as a 9-number, it is 0.5 divided by 9 = 0.055555…, or 1/18. So here the key presented itself as the number 18 (2×9).
A simple multiplication of the data with 18 made Mercury become 1 and not 0.055.. (because of the rather hopelessley arbitrary Earth as being 1 in the presentations by science, this is such a fatefull antropo-centric fallacy, as shows here dramatically), this new 1 would give a different picture of the data altogether. And so it happened.
Mercury’s mass and orbit is the beginning of a mathematical resonance pattern. The strange thing is that this pattern by which Mercury is pushed out by the Sun-deepfield (56,000km, model 60,000) stays intact up to and including Jupiter, after that the mathematical order with the Sun as centre returns, for Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune alike, that is absolutely convincing and it shows that the immediate vicinity of the Sun’s energy field prevails over the mathematical order, but that this holds its own in the relations of the planets. This is very interesting.

The point here is that the masses of the planets have formed in a proto-ringfiled of debris around the Sun. I prefer the thesis that the sun was part of a double star that orbitted at the planetoid region, was torn apart by tidal waves and became the source of the material of the planets, which got distributed by the resonances of the ringsystem of the Sun. This thesis ‘explains’ the mathematical order in the respective planet masses as no one has ever done before, I guess.

One after the other the data fell in line, only Saturn broke ranks but for a majestic transformation into 12^3 and the impossible looking Uranus-data proved no problem at all, nearly spot on even, and actually quite ‘revealing’; for the rest the 9’s are also everywhere; where there was nothing before. I did not invent the factor 18 of course, it’s Mercury in relation to Earth; but see what it brings to light for the rest of the system. To me it seems undeniable and highly scientific, because it focuses on Mercury as the pivot of the orbital resonances up to Jupiter.
[The  Titius-Bode Law is not as elegant and precise as this ‘Orbital Resonance Law’. Bode is a description of the doubling of radius that I also found, but in a different context; this present context has real mathematical depth and may have deep physical, even philosophical, meaning; Bode’s Law has no meaning, is just descriptive and peculiar. It certainly shows the resonance patterns, but the shift past Jupiter, that I observe as returning to the core-field resonance is lost in Bode’s law]

So we multiply the scientific data on the masses of the planets and sun by 18

planets                data                  adaptation                       18 x  (transformation)

Mercury               0,055(555)           1/18                                  1
Venus                   0,81                    81/100                              14,58
Earth                       1                            1                                     18
Moon                   0,0123456..          1/81                                  0,222..

Mars                     0,11(111)               1/9                                    2

Jupiter                  318                       324                                  18 ^3
Saturn                     95                        96                                   12 ^3
Uranus                 14,52                    14,58                              16,2^2
Neptune                17,2                      18                                    18 ^2

Sun                       325000              324000  (0.3%)                 180^3


I would like to draw attention to the the ratios  1 : 81 (9^2)  and 100 : 81 (10^2/9^2) (1,23456790…)
The number 14,58  relates to 18 as  81 : 100 , so we see that 9 and 10 obviously dominate the resonance deep-field here.
These are the key factors in my algorithm of resonance: sticking to natural numbers and ratios only.


In my experience this transformation of data showed me a  sudden coherence where none was before, suddenly there were the recognizable natural and rational numbers and now we see mathematical relations, number relations, persistent ratios all before our very, even un-trained, eyes; and all generated or related to the ‘pivotal’ number 9.
How did it fall out of all the equations, one wonders?

Well, the persistent geo-centric data presentation of the solar system is one of the big fallacies of astronomy, because it fails to show up in the numbers because there is no logic to the unit of measurement, the mass of Earth. It’s ridiculous, just as the astronomical unit (AU), which is the (never ever exact) distance from Earth to Sun (heart to heart?, no), is as cosmological unit of length. A totally antiquated and arbitrary length with an impossible number (149,597,000km) as unit. These fancy geo-centric units destroy all logic in the hidden data of the actual ratios and resonances. (When you use simple numbers like 150,000,000, then, in a calculation a hidden ratio is easier observed.)

Taking the mass of Mercury as unit changes the whole picture of the data, the more so because now the resonances between the planets obviously start mathematically from the position of Mercury (irrespective how far it is from the Sun) and this pattern is retained till past Jupiter, where  the pervading push-away by the Sun’s many faceted energy field with: magnetism, electric plasma storms, particle winds, black spots, dominating the nearby geometry , has faded and the core geometry of resonances in the deepfield becomes apparent.
(45000 standing wave is unit, 45000000  is closing orbit Neptune)

Given the knowledge we have from the ring-system of Saturn, there can be no doubt that the razor-thin flawlessly Euclidean cosmic plane of the system is generated by a gigantic dynamo inside the planet, so that here EM obviously prevails over gravity and shapes the field of the plain in standing waves of resonance. Saturn is extra-ordinary because it has an equatorial : polar diameter ratio of 10 : 9 and this causes the ringfield in a 10/9-fold resonance pattern.
All the straying mass of the planet’s environment is ‘neatly’ ordered in ‘lanes’ and hurtling about, which makes the grid of the geometry visible, which deviates locally. (that hurtling is an extremely slow-motion quantum process, totally unpredictable in particulars because too many factors interfere, but remaining in ordered lanes by standing wave resonance).

It can be shown that at certain mathematical nodes gaps exist and moons have appeared, still ‘clearing the space’ or ‘harvesting mass’ from their surroundings.
My adagio is: Space wants everything in a steady place.
It seems the turbulence of the resonance anti-node areas is the place where moons get formed, because matter gets smashed with matter on all sides and starts to clump together, slowly forming a moon, sometimes seen with attracted debris in its wake as a tail. Resonance is the cleaner of space. Nature tries to avoid accidents, this is its intelligence. Resonance is a higher principle of order than gravity. Gravity is immediate order (if you can’t keep your balance, you’re better on the ground, space orders) resonance though can stretch over cosmic time-scales, very patient, but compelling. These are the deepest geometries of the Ur-deepfield.


Let’s go to some other striking mathematical facts:

The Sun has a 1000 times more mass than Jupiter and some 18^2 x 1000 more than Earth

mass:    Mercury      Earth         Neptune         Jupiter            Sun

progr:        1     :       18     :      18^2      :     18^3      :     180^3

Note:         18     +     18^2     +      18^3   =   6174      Kaprekar

This all-pervading 9-fold in the ratios would indicate resonance at many levels as the numbers would suggest. This cannot but have implications for our understanding of gravity and the formation of the solar system.
In my view the presence of 9 is an indication that toroid geometry is underneath or hovering over the surface of the numbers. This has to do with the standard toroid Pi-squared as 800/81 in the integer-system I use, but it could also mean that magnetism is involved because there are two fields in entangled rotation (the toroid dynamic).
The vortex/horn-toroid dynamic attracts the field lines through the centre of its vortex field, it is polar with an ingoing and outgoing spatial geometry like the magnetic field of the earth  when pictured, as a vortex/horn-toroidal field. I think this also signifies the excited space-pixall geometry. It is a basic geometry. It is in the middle of the vortex-torus field that ingoing changes into outgoing. This point must be at the centre of the earth. The impenetrable core of the earth. I think the centre of the earth is the zero-dimension of pure light, so there is no other side at the centre of earth. The impenetrability is there because there is no other side to the core. This is the zero-dimension that connects all as One. Black holes are internal borderpoints of space, space has no external borders, it is no volume, it is intelligence, mind, you name it, it is the medium that we live by.

These in my view are the transformations of space but what actually happens at the particle level is the big question. We see the emergence of field lines and the polarity of magnetism, possibly the most basic of polarities. Where does its energy spring from?, that must be its geometry, its rotation. I propose that rotation is an intrinsic quality of the space-pixall, which becomes apparent when it is activated/excited/engaged.

The rotation of the space-pixall is induced by the ever absorbed incoming vibration from the general field, dominated by electro-magneting rays from stars and other exotics, that keep the deepfield energized in a cyclical pattern, like life, continuation by refreshment. The particle (space-pixall) is the particularisation (individualisation) of energy, the quantum of energy; and it depends on by how much frequency it is energized, what mass and amount of energy it has and also what its signature will be.
But all is fleeting at this level, pixalls are annihilated and created by the dynamics of the general deepfield.

Jupiter’s moon-orbits resonances

Jupiter’s moons can surprisingly be transformed under a neat 9-fold ratio frame of resonances in unexpected areas.
Data and ‘adaptations’ of orbital radii and moon diameters in thousands of kilometers :
moons         Io                Europa             Ganymedes           Callisto
radius          422                  671                   1070                 1883
adap.           420                  630 (6%)        1050 (2%)        1890
progr:          2 (x210)         3                         5                    9

orbit          1769               3551                  7155               16689
adap.          1800 (2%)     3600 (1%)        7200 (1%)     16200 (3%)
progr:          1                       2                       4                      9

diam:        3636               3120               5268                  4806
adap.        3640                3120              5200 (1%)         4680 (3%)
progr:          7                       6                      10                    9

In the furthest planet, Callisto, all the resonances come together in 9, which is very remarkable, and is a stark confirmation of the resonance theory, like this is the case with Neptune ending and perfecting the resonance field.

also the incompleteness of the orbit resonances of the 4 Jovian moons, where Callisto will be expected in resonance  as 8 in the sequence 1 : 2 : 4 : 8 in 1.5 billion years.
Slight or heavy disturbances (collisions) occur in these resonances, that can also be destroyed in that way. No real dynamic system is mathematically perfect because of this , but the groundpatterns are detectable as I have shown again and again and that is what matters.

Asteroid belt
Especially the asteroid belt reveals the concentrations of matter between gaps of about 45 million km, which supports the here supposed overall standing wave pattern of the solar system; the main concentration of asteroids is at about 420 million km, then another major concentration at about 465 million km and smaller rings at 510, 600, 645, all in the 45 million pattern, possibly coming from an excess of the initial 60 (56) million from the Sun (420+45 = 465 +45 = 510 +90 = 600 etc). or more directly related to vibration of the inner Sun. When we change the sun-diameter to 1,350,000 km, the radius is 675,000km (-21,000, 3%) with Belt at +420 (to 645).
this is roughly 1,100,000 from centre sun. Ratio 1100 : 680 = 1.618….  = Golden Mean      1100 : 420 = 2,618….  Golden Mean squared.
I project the former double star of the Sun in this orbit.  It could even be that because of the former double star geometry the 45,000,000 unit is a remnant of the initial resonance of the two stars

Saturn Uranus Neptune
The interesting thing here is that the orbit of Saturn lies about where it should, so without the outward pressure field of the Sun, it should theoretically be at 1440 , it is (now) at 1427, less than 1% off the theoretical value, and Uranus makes good by being near perfect on the double at 2870 instead of 2880 (0.3%), Neptune completes the ring-system as nineth/tenth (2 for asteroids) orbit and as eighth planet at the enigmatic, but very precise, 4500 million km mark (4497, 0.0%), which is 100 times our initial unit of 45 million.
Who can deny there is a transparent order here once we slightly adapt our numbers? This is the power of resonance.
Given that we have an ‘organic’ system the regularity is extraordinary, there would be something seriously wrong if reality followed the model precisely. Resonance is flexible and dynamic balancing, one of its major functions: to create order.

Entanglement could be a toroid dynamic with two perpendicular circular rotations, the Pi-squared, that get separated and each goes its own way as a rotating ‘disk’ hurtling around, but when one is forced into a definite horizontal or vertical rotation by exterior triggering circumstances, then the other, because they are connected as gyroscopes perpendicularly, will instantly take on the opposite of the other’s mode. This would be the immediacy of the zero-dimension and the secret of entanglement, in my view. It is highly mathematical, I think, because it is timeless and non-local.
Entanglement is an immediate mathematical and physical necessity in the zero-dimension, is the idea.




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