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The author and artist Yan Goudryan reserves copyright ownership of all material on this website, this website is a work of art as a whole; particularly relevant are the definitions of a literary work under the UK Act 1988.

Literary work is defined as : ‘any work, other than a dramatic or musical work, which is written, spoken or sung, and accordingly includes: a) a table or compilation other than a database, b) a computer program, c) preparatory design material for a computer program and d) a database’.

Especially a), c) and d) are relevant to this site, a) with respect to the structure of the site as a compilation of independent pieces and media, c) with regard to the mathematical model that I hope once to transform into a computer calculator, d) with respect to the tables and calculations published here.

It should be noticed that although I present my model as mathematics, it will not be accepted as such by mathematicians (at first), this makes my mathematical model a work of my personal creative imagination and its combination of colours and numbers a definite design on both of which I reserve copyright.

© Yan Goudryan

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