Cosmology (introduction)


Although this website might seem to be about the late Stone Age, which it is to the extent that it is the bulk of the content so far, it is in essence about a simple mathematical model of natural numbers which forms the basis for an original approach to archaeology, physics and cosmology, and even ontology. It is a thoroughly philosophical approach to the genealogy of mathematics, its earliest practical functioning and application and to our logical understanding of reality.

New Cosmology

The new cosmology was born of the wish to formulate an alternative for the Big Bang theory which is prevalent in present day scientific circles and which is propagated as the final scientific explanation of the state of the universe, expanding and all. [ I expect the newly upgraded Hubble telescope to come up quite soon with pictures and data that show the universe is much older than the Big Bang theory predicts, 13.7 billion years at present, (it might take though some time before they admit it) which will throw the complete cosmological theory in disarray; and serves it right! And indeed the CMBR picture (Planck) shows things they cannot explain within the model]

The fallacy of this, probably most violent and simplistic of all cosmologies ever conceived of by humankind, is its completely materialistic (‘realistic’, ‘rational’, mechanical) approach to reality and its logical rigidity; it will though certainly remain a lasting cultural symbol of an age gone mad and eventually become the laughing stock of generations of physics students to come; the ‘bigbang-era’. More seriously it points to the lack of spirituality of our Western age.

The belief in an ultimate ‘stuff’ of reality in science, notwithstanding all the grandstanding on quantum theoretical paradoxes, blocks the understanding of space and the universe, and leaves science for over a hundred years now locked in the incompatibility of quantum theory (small) and relativity theory (big), its most celebrated achievements. This means that, for all the mind boggling theory and technology that sprouts from the scientific insights, the ‘real thing’ is not understood at all because of an inadequate contradictory description.

I believe that the days of Quantum and Relativity Theory, Big Bang cosmology, Dark matter and Dark energy, are numbered, but I also believe that there is an alternative model of the universe that is born of the (prime) numbers themselves and based on the resonance of fundamental wave patterns expressed in these numbers.

A completely integrated model of a complementary natural number system and corresponding geometry can be shown to exist and its validity be proven.

This cosmology is a new scientific approach to reality because based on a mathematical model that itself shows why there appear to be quanta, why mass has no self-substance and why gravity becomes an obsolete concept. It is as it were an original new scientific paradigm in which matter (particles) and mass (gravity) do no longer occur and all phenomena are based on deep-field resonances.

Both Schroedinger and Einstein were adamant in the rejection of the concept of fundamental particles, Schroedinger because of the distinct wave-spectra of the chemical elements, Einstein because it is a concept incompatible with field theory, which is wave-theory.

The present Standard Model of Science, which is about particles, is an ugly model, because it completely lacks any kind of mathematical elegance, like we know it for instance from the chemical elements in the Periodic System. These elements are the ‘qualifying building blocks’ of the physical world around us, the system has numerical elegance which is the hallmark of a mature scientific truth.

The particles of the Standard Model which science predicts and detects are often created by science itself and it is debatable whether they actually exist outside the machines that create them. Already for missing simplicity and elegance alone, the Standard Model is bound to be the wrong picture, as most scientists will readily concede, there is no logic in it, so this is by itself the admission that something fundamental is not understood, and still lacking in the picture.

The model that will be proposed here will need a revolution in mathematics before it can be accepted as fundamentally true, but it will, because the numbers themselves sustain it and the laws of nature, its geometry shows it in pictures and its wide ranging explanatory power is probably unsurpassed by any scientific theory today.

  • The fundamental property of reality in this approach is resonance and it is exactly resonance – a whole number phenomenon- which underlies the validity of the interference pattern of two incompatible, but complementary, number ratios, which constitute the basic wave patterns (vibration) of reality, as this theory understands it, because: what is incompatible in numbers may nevertheless resonate in waves. (because resonance is not precise, but has a margin, a tolerance, it is flexible; it may be just this tolerance which creates the ‘infamous’ quantum uncertainty, but as the ‘conditio sine qua non’ for a changing reality)

The concept of a ‘particle’ (here named ‘space-pixall’) returns in our analysis, but now as a mathematical entity, a geometrical form, a zero-point field, empty of specific content, borderpoint of space, but full of action (energy).
The (Tibetan) Buddhists have a concept of ‘space particles’ (Dalai Lama- David Bohm conversations; Kalachakra) as ultimate ground of reality, which has ever been described as ‘sparks’ (Sandra David-Neel), and which, whatever the conceptual relationship, also expresses and shows the granularity of space, which is the ontological part of this cosmology.

Space is seen here as the Substance of Reality, where matter is understood as an aggregate or configuration of excited space-pixalls, which has no self-substance, no Eigen-substance, but moves through 3-D space(-pixalls) Substance as an image moves through the pixels of a 2-D screen. This picture and concept shows the emptiness of  the form (matter) and the oneness of reality, it’s all made of the same stuff, space, aether; mass and gravity no longer exist, separation of ‘things’ is shown an illusion; time ceases; space, not earth, becomes the ground of our existence, and mind prevails over matter.

It may seem an ambitious approach I propose, but my confidence derives from the mathematical model itself, its consistency and simplicity, because even if everything I say about and around it proves nonsense in the end, which is very well possible since I am not a mathematician, nor a scientist, then still the natural number model itself stands untouched as a beacon of beauty and harmony and as a powerful practical tool for art, architecture and design, today, as it has been in the past. It is the Golden Mean of circles and squares, of spheres and rings. Besides that it completely chimes in with Buddhist ontology, its emptiness, its One-ness, its flux and seemingly illusory appearance. 

The model though, by itself, begs for a scientific explanation and clarification because of its validity regarding the geometry of the Solar system resonances and the rings of Saturn (to name the most striking scientific proofs)

I hope others will recognize the charm and transparency of this natural number system and its deep meaning for cosmology and the world around us. It might be of great help for theoretical science to find a unifying ground work that connects so many areas and could reveal evermore things I cannot even dream of now.


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