Parallel Alignments

An amazing parallel alignment emerges when Howe, Unstan and the Comet Stone are aligned, this line continues: Hindera Fiold, Fibla Fiold, Knitchen Hill, Sound of Longataing and eventually Weatherness Sound, Westray.

This alignment starts at the Cuilags on Hoy and this line is virtually exactly parallel to the major alignment over Bookan, Ramsay and the Rinyo twin and Gentleman’s Ha.

Peculiar to this alignment is that it has a source of uranium near Stromness, as has the alignment along the coast. Such radiation fields may have an influence on the resilience of the surrounding rock. I do not know, but seams of several kinds of metal, are all over Orkney, such as lead, copper, silver, and I would not be surprised if they carried alignments, but maybe I am completely wrong.

It may be that the energies that were sought after, were of a much subtler kind.

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